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“Growth Mindset,
Amazing Possibilities!”

“My child constantly comes up with his own methods and tries to think out of the box when solving math problem. I watched his love for math grew…”

Discover the hidden secrets that “naturally smart” kids unknowingly use that makes their teachers feel they’re too advanced for their age.

What really separates the “gifted” kids from the rest? “Natural talent” is often not the answer…

What if I told you that most of the “smart” kids aren’t actually gifted from birth? What if I told you that “smartness” or “learning speed” can actually be developed and enhanced in your child?

But first, let’s take a look at how some of the parents are struggling:

“I tried explaining the idea behind the concepts of addition but I feel like it is going through one ear and coming out the other. She seems to be able to repeat it but can’t grasp what it means or apply it. Teaching her feels like a chore and I feel my methods are failing.”

“I don’t want him getting frustrated and shutting down. We love his teacher, but she has said she doesn’t know if she should push him or let him work at his own pace. Sometimes his work is stellar, other times he tires quickly.”

“He’ll answer math problems correctly with us and ten minutes later when his teacher asks, the guessing starts. “

“My child is in first grade. We were working on very simple math homework. 8+2+6=? I asked my kid what 8 plus 2 was. “I don’t know” was the answer I got. Eventually the answer was 96. 53. Then lots of I don’t knows and tears and hyperventilating. I lost my shit. I shouldn’t have and I feel terrible.”

This problem is very real among parents.

But did you notice the common underlying issue in each of those stories?

They are all trying to push their kids to learn math the traditional way — workbooks, tuition, “listen to me and learn” teaching etc.

And if you look even deeper, you’ll realize that…

These kinds of teaching happen because it is assumed that our children are “ready” to learn.

That they’re cognitively ready to absorb knowledge into their brain on the first lesson and will understand the concepts taught to them quickly.

But what happens if we try to “jam” concepts into a brain that’s not ready to absorb information yet?

The stories from earlier will replay itself over and over again:

• “I feel like it is going through one ear and coming out the other”

• “him getting frustrated and shutting down”

• “Then lots of I don’t knows and tears and hyperventilating”

• “her teacher says over and over that she struggles to learn new concepts”

But what if we focused our efforts not on teaching our child math, but instead on developing our child’s mind to grasp concepts quicker and more effectively?

This was exactly what a mother did for her child, Owen.

Owen’s mother decided to work on improving his 5 Brain Abilities (attention, visualisation, logical reasoning, memory and processing speed), which decided how fast Owen could learn and master new concepts.

Throughout the next few years, she watched Owen’s love for math grow day by day. He started to look forward to anything math-related and math became his all-time favourite subject in school.

Owen’s love for math even helped him to win several medals in his school’s math competitions.

And most importantly, Owen started to look forward to every math lesson and was always hungry to master more math concepts.

Better yet, Owen grew fond of coming up with his OWN methods to solving math problems, and his mother absolutely loved watching him think outside the box!

It was proof that Owen truly understood the concepts to the extent where he could play around with other possible solutions… while his peers are struggling to even find the “textbook” answer!

In other words, Owen was playing a completely different game from his peers…

All because Owen’s 5 Brain Abilities were developed and working FOR him and not AGAINST him — like his peers who were “tearing up” when faced with confusing math concepts.

This is a perfect example of how the difference in brain abilities can set children miles ahead from their peers.

Developing the 5 Brain Abilities is something that workbooks, tuitions, and even school — all tend to IGNORE and instead focus more on the “academic” aspect.

But doing so, can be a complete game-changer for your child…


MathBrain by BrainThink Learning

This is the comprehensive book filled with PRACTICAL “take-home points”
to help your child…

Master the ability to learn anything FAST, as well as solving difficult math problems like it’s second nature to them

Give your child the head start in life which would put them above and beyond
their peers at school

Here’s what you’ll learn in our book – MathBrain by BrainThink Learning:

• Why traditional education makes most children IGNORANT and lead them to “memorize and repeat”. This is the #1 sure-fire way for children to remain unprepared for the ever-changing future. Page 15

• In-depth tactical analysis of the 5 Brain Abilities that allow you to see both HOW and WHY some children can “breeze” through exams like its routine to them, while other children struggle in tears with their math homework. Page 37

• Battle-hardened techniques to SHARPEN your child’s 5 Brain Abilities that you can easily implement at the comfort of your own home. (99% of parents are unaware of this “secret weapon”). Page 42

• Why “Play-based learning” is the most effective and enjoyable way of learning for your child. Imagine your child learning gleefully through play while his or her peers are on the brink of tears at the study table. Page 54

• How to “download” knowledge into your child’s brain WITHOUT them studying for a single minute with our “5 stage Input-Process-Output” system. Page 68

• 5 unique ways you can nurture creativity in your child with little effort on your part. Creativity is responsible for the electronic device in front of you now, and it will undoubtedly be responsible for future life-changing inventions. Page 77

• Never see your child struggling with math again with a simple framework that combines the 5 Brain Abilities with proven math principles (get this framework into their mind, and they’ll go from bawling over math questions to confidently giving you 3 methods to solve each question) Page 90

• Your child becoming a human calculator. Watch your children start to do multiplication and division in their head without a pen and paper (imagine the shock on the teachers’ face when they see your child’s math solving speed). Page 154

• A buried ancient math technique from the 1900s by a renowned scholar to solve any math problem quickly (popularised by the name “Vedic Sutras”). This rare yet effective game-changer method will never be taught in schools. Page 97

• And much more…


5 Brain Abilities Assessment

5 Brain Abilities Assessment (worth SGD$32.95)

When you purchase this book, you can access to a complimentary 5 Brain Abilities Online Assessment for your child.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll gain full clarity of which brain abilities your child is strong in – and those that need improvement.




  • Growth mindset, amazing possibilities
  • Play to learn games-based activities stimulate thinking while learning
  • Develop 5 brain abilities to help your child become smarter
  • Learn how to assess your child’s 5 brain abilities
  • BrainThink Learning fosters creativity in education
  • Vedic Math, a creative mental math principle
  • MathBrain to train your child be a creative thinker & problem solver using 5 brain abilities with creative math principles.


Karen Kwan


  • Speaker, business coach,& the owner of 2 Children Education franchises, Math Monkey Limited & English Eagle (Hong Kong) Limited. She is also the Chairlady of two associations, Early Childhood Association & Asia Branding & Franchising Association.
  • She is a mother of three daughters and was inspired by her daughters by chance. She begins to look for innovative ways to make children learn happily and effectively. She devotes herself to education and actively participates in different courses such as brain-based learning, high-level thinking, and so on. She also joins various professional coaches, such as Blair Singer, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins.
  • She has a wide range of knowledge, and she practices them with her family and her business. Having been in the children education business for over ten years, she has participated vigorously and actively by being a mentor, speaker and lecturer for some renowned institutions.


Lynn Lim

Learning and Program Manager

  • Proud mother of three young boys who started her working career as an accountant, but shortly decided to be a teacher & since then, has been passionately teaching young children for more than ten years at Math Monkey centres. Lynn loves playing with numbers & has been amazed by the principles of Vedic Math since 2008.
  • She has been facilitating children to develop MathBrain with Vedic Math principles to solve problems. She believes that helping children learn the processes of problem-solving through understanding the logic behind an answer is as important as getting an answer quickly – which can be achieved with Vedic Math. With her interest & passion for educating children, and managing Math Monkey MathBrain centre in Penang on a full time basis, Lynn is able to manage her time to take care of her three young children aged 2, 4 and 6 years old.
  • She has been a practitioner of BrainThink Learning principles at Math Monkey MathBrain Centre as well as with her children at home. Her young boys are trained to be independent, and she wishes to share her experience with other parents.

Dr Tay Choo Chuan

Associate Professor

  • Graduated with Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mathematics, Master of Science (Quality and Productivity Improvement) and PhD in Mathematics from National University of Malaysia (UKM). The author has over 30 years of experience teaching in schools and university.
  • He is currently attached to the Technical University of Malaysia in Melaka (UTeM) as an Associate Professor in Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He has published journal and conference papers, as well as supervising Master and PhD students on topics related to Mathematics. He has also authored over 20 Mathematics books.


What People are Saying

Made it easier to understand child’s brain development. Every parent and anyone working with children should have some of this valuable information!

Kimberly’s mum

Kenneth has a very short attention span. This program really has changed his interest in math. He always talk about the games. “

Kenneth’s mum

This method has improved not only his math performance but also in his character and learning attitude. Now he becomes well behave and self-motivated at home.

Benedict’s mum


MathBrain is the ability to solve problems using the 5 brain abilities with math principles.  This MathBrain book will train children’s brains to be a math genius. Through play to learn, children will enjoy learning with numbers and numerical symbols in fun settings which will open their mind and make it simple for them to solve math problems. 

The train-brain math book uses the BrainThink Learning process of Curiosities-Explore-Test-Repeat-Master as their mind undergoes Input-Process-Output with their 5 brain abilities

Parents are in the best position to understand their child’s talent to grow their mindset. Be a practitioner of BrainThink Learning to overcome their weaknesses and groom their talents.

They will grow up with a flexible and fearless mind to translate problems to be opportunities.

You will be a proud parent.

Math Brain Book
Math Brain Book

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